New Media in Foreign Language Education

2nd field trip - Group presentation

On the 2nd field trip each group individually consulted an experienced teacher of their own choice. The groups had to present their teaching ideas to the teacher and he or she would make suggestions how to improve these ideas or what one might have to consider when using certain tools in class. Below you see the suggestions that were made for my teaching idea.


Teaching ideas - Suggestions

These are the suggestions made by an experienced teacher concerning my teaching idea
"Publishing on the Web with":
  • Students have to be able to read longer texts.
  • Students have to be able to write freely and creatively.
  • These are time-consuming tasks - maybe give them as homework.
  • These are challenging tasks - they are appropriate for the "Oberstufe" or a "Leistungskurs".

For viewing the "Prezi"-presentation concerning my teaching idea and the suggestions: click here!