New Media in Foreign Language Education

Designing a worksheet

The task was to design a worksheet according to the guidelines of worksheet designing. I wanted the worksheet to be well structured, easy to read but also interesting and fun. I chose the topic "tag questions", which is a topic appropriate for younger students. Therefore I included some pictures that relate to the content of the worksheet. I also made use of the different ways of highlighting important content, e.g. bold characters, italics or different colours. The worksheet is divided into different sections: we have a section with general information about tag questions, then we have a table that is supposed to illustrate the basic structure of tag questions, afterwards a few examples of tag questions are given and finally there are some exercises. The exercise-section stands out because of the different typeface used here which resembles handwriting.

Below you will find the full view of the worksheet, a slideshow of its different sections and a download of the worksheet.
My Worksheet (Created by A.R.)
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