New Media in Foreign Language Education

The 10 Commandments of poster designing

In groups we had to create a poster displaying the ten guidelines of poster designing. The groups were allowed to choose the kind of visualization freely and my group decided to create a poster of "The Ten Commandments of Poster Design", which allude to the Ten Commandments of the Bible. Below you will see the result of our group work.
Click on the image for a larger version.

Later we got the task to re-create the poster of our group (or any poster of the other groups) individually via "Glogster". Glogster is a free tool for creating posters on the web, where you have the opportunity to use a variety of design tools, e.g. stamps or different typefaces. Glogster enables you to create posters, to save them and to publish them in order to share them with other Glogster-users.

Below you will see the result of my work. Moving the cursor to the Glogster-label will enable you to view the poster in full size.