New Media in Foreign Language Education

Questions & answers

1. To what extent are new media used in foreign
       language learning?

Of all the new media the computer and the internet are the most frequently used ones in class. To what extent the new media are used in class depends very much on the subject. At an average the students of a foreign language class are able to use the computers in the computer lab two to three times a month. Students of an IT-class or a mathematics class use the computer much more often because the content of these classes requires the use of computers. The computer lab is usually occupied. Out of all the teachers of the Martin-Luther-Schule Marburg approximately one third is willing to use the new media regularly in class.

2. Are there certain tools that the students use regularly?

In foreign language classes there are certain tools that are used regularly by the students. One of these tools is the which enables the students to look up unknown vocabulary very quickly. Another frequently used tool is where the students are able to make researches concerning a specific video or topic. In terms of computer software mostly “Word” and “PowerPoint” are used in foreign language classes.

3. Are there students' projects that involve the use of new media?

At the Martin-Luther Schule Marburg there is a so-called “Homepage-AG”. It is a workshop where students run and edit the homepage of their school.

4. Are there advantages in using new media in foreign language learning?

To work with new media in class motivates the students and they generally use the media very efficiently. The internet is a source which provides a broad variety of information and it enables students to find information very quickly. The use of computer software makes it easy to create presentations or documents which can easily be shared with other students.

5. Are the students more motivated and interested in foreign language learning if new

       media are involved?

The use of the new media motivates the students to a great extent and it arouses the interest in the topics of the foreign language class. The students mostly achieve very good results when they use new media in class.